India Power Grid Outage: Cyber Attack?

National Power Grid Simulation Capability

600 million people are without power in India after a massive system failure. That’s half the country. This is obviously the result of a cyber attack, though no one is admitting it. Just last month, an Indian government official told The Times of India,“an intentional attack on India’s critical infrastructure cannot be ruled out. … An attack that can debilitate our infrastructure is what we must be prepared for.” The article was about Indian government preparations to carry out offensive cyber attacks against its adversaries. Perhaps an adversary has responded in kind.

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2 thoughts on “India Power Grid Outage: Cyber Attack?

  1. Rajesh says:

    Yes it is a cyber attack!! :O

  2. nayjay says:

    what the hell is going on? how can a country’s support of half its country simply go out? is anyone else unnerved by this? also, is yahoo out?

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