Results of Analysis of Foreign Object I Found In My Gatorade

A few years ago, I found a small rubbery broken capsule in my Fierce Grape Gatorade. Fearing a case of Tylenol/Cyanide-like product tampering (and hoping for some kind of cash settlement), I put the object in a ziplock bag and submitted it to Gatorade (actually, Pepsico) for analysis.

The Gatorade scientists subjected my blue squishy object to “Fournier Transform infrared Spectroscopy” (I don’t know exactly what this is, but it must be important because they used Initial Caps). They determined it was a disintegrated medicine capsule. In other words, I must have chugged the Gatorade right from the bottle after taking a pill of some kind, and the capsule somehow floated out of my mouth and into the bottle. Doh. Here is the official response:

Foreign Object Analysis

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