Favorite Record Album Covers: Armenian Night At The International Hotel In Las Vegas!!

I grew up listening to Armenian music, and I still enjoy listening to this album. Mike Sarkissian was the Armenian Elvis. Or so I’m told. I dig the Gene Shalit, blue polyester look. If there isn’t a Sacha Baron Cohen biopic in the works, there should be. From the liner notes:

“Armenian Night At The International Hotel In Las Vegas,” and that’s what it was. A real Armenian “Kef” time at KIRK KERKORIAN’S Palatial Palace, a party that was attended by a who’s who of Las Vegas including DANNY THOMAS, ROBERT GOULET, FRANK SINATRA, JR., “MANUEL” and a host of other celebrities.

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Record Album Covers: Armenian Night At The International Hotel In Las Vegas!!

  1. Thank you. I have a turntable and was able to transfer this album to digital files, but I would be interested in hearing more of Mike’s and other Armenian music, either digital or LP format!

    • Webmaster says:

      Okay. Do you have a catalog digitized Armenian music? I’ve got several hundred LPs (inclluding 78s) that I intend to digitize in the future. However, if you have already digitized, we could discuss trading. Secondly, do you use a commercially available software for digitization? Do you include include the album liner notes?

      • I digitized it a couple of years ago for my mother, but haven’t done any since then. At that time, it was a very cumbersome project using a Tascam deck that recorded onto a dvd-r. I then had to split and edit each track manually in a .wav editor, then applied noise reduction using Dart Pro. There are probably easier ways to do it nowadays.

      • Webmaster says:

        I echo your sentiments about digitization. I’ve got a Technics direct drive turntable, a Pioneer 7 inch reel to reel, and a Proton cassette deck. I’m using Audacity software for the conversion into a ‘wav’ file. This allows me to make a CD since it’s uncompressed audio or I can compress to mp3 file. But it (wav) takes up lots of storage. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to convert analog into digital faster than well the original analog. I guess it’s possible to speed up the analog (tape decks have different speeds), but I don’t think anything similar with vinyl. It’s a nice thing to do on a cold winter day. I’m hoping to put a library of Armenian music on the Internet. Anyway, good fortune in your future endeavors. Regards, George

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