Favorite Record Album Covers: The Now Generation

Welcome to the 1970s.

Here’s one of the best album covers in my record collection. This will be an ongoing thing (note that these are my favorite covers, not necessarily my favorite music.) This unholy amalgamation represents one of the many comical attempts by record companies to appear “hip” and “with it” in the 1970s. The “Now Generation” appears to have been conceived by an inept and possibly LSD-fueled marketing department. How else to explain the presence of Roy Orbison lookalike guy (shades and pompadour), hippie “longhair,” nonthreatening young man in suit, and Dolly Parton wannabe?

The photo is awesome, but the crazy notes on the back cover may be the best part. This album must have been released at the dawn of 1970s. They had no idea what was coming:

We’ve come out of the golden 60s into the magic of the 70s and the magic of the space age that will accompany it. To help bridge the gap, here’s a completely new collection of your favorite hit songs performed by the Now Generation. The year 1969 saw the creation of the Now Generation into one of the most popular performing groups in Show Biz. Albums, 8-track tapes and stereo cassettes have become a household word in homes throughout the world. This new album is appropriately titled COME TOGETHER.

The use of the term “Show Biz” suggests the involvement of at least one elderly Jewish record executive. And, yes, “Come Together” is the Beatles song from Abbey Road.

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